What Our Guests Say?

“The silence, the magical and wild scenery that opens itself up for you, while you are feeling comforted by this beautiful villa. We leave somewhat melancholic after an incredibly beautiful week.”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"What an experience! A genuinely carefree holiday for a wheelchair user ánd his family in such an exquisite villa. Well done! We loved the private chef and the massage as well. We’ll be back!”

Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

"Ruben and myself have enjoyed this warm and wonderful house so much. We could feel the love in every detail. A weeklong stay is too short, really! Ruben was the bbq chef and we had lovely dinners ‘al fresco’. Thanks again for your fantastic hospitality"

Pascaline & Ruben
IJsselstein, The Netherlands

“What a lovely holiday. In the morning going for a little trip to the beaches, the white villages or for a walk in the mountains. In the afternoon and evening playing in the pool, pondering on the emptiness around us, filled with sounds of nature. Especially the village that looks like it is on fire at sunset is amazing. Thank you so much for this experience!”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“It was a privilege to be able to spent time here. The villa and its surroundings are simply out of this world. I have never been in a bathroom that is completely functional and looks stunning too. Wishing all wheelchair-users an equally fantastic holiday! ”

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

“We were honoured to be staying here as one of the first wheelchairs users. It is a lovely and very special location with every possible facility we could think of, which made my holiday, while caring for my husband, so much better as well. Many thanks and we will be back! ”

Alkmaar, The Netherlands